ITDD Annual Report 2013

Welcome to the Instructional Technology, Design and Development team’s annual report. This report is designed to brief you on the ITDD team activities for the prior year. We also intend for this report to act as a guide regarding the services this team provides to the university.
The “instructional tech and design” team provides, as the name implies, instructional tools and development services to support all modes of instruction provided by Eastern’s faculty.

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The majority of this team’s services and support is focused on faculty. This team supports EWU faculty as they support students, teaching and learning at EWU.

During the previous year, the instructional tech and design team has helped faculty transition from Blackboard’s learning management system to Canvas. They have added a new staff member, Crista Calderon, an individual with strong technical, instructional, support and interpersonal skills – an excellent resource available to assist faculty.

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In addition to providing the “hard” IT services of maintaining servers, provisioning of accounts, providing technical support for instructional tools, etc., this team also supports faculty instructional technology needs through individual and small group workshops. They organize larger scale events, working with partners to host Eastern’s annual summer Boot Camp, Fall Technology Sampler, Spring Technology Showcase and partnering with other institutions to host regional events.

While this is a team of technologists, we are most proud of this team’s service attitude. Every member of the team truly wants to serve faculty and support faculty success. Each member is highly proficient in specific instructional technologies and instructional support services AND they have excellent and approachable interpersonal skills. If you are faculty and you haven’t yet had an opportunity to experience the “top drawer” service attitude of this team, please give them a call or stop by their offices in Monroe Hall, rooms 307 and 303.

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