STCU Faculty / Staff $25K Match

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This Isn’t a Trick!

Faculty and staff exclusive trick-or-treat opportunity at the Cheney Normal School Heritage Center.

Where: Cheney campus one-room schoolhouse
When: Thursday, Oct. 27
Time: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Stop by, drop off your scholarship contribution, and have your dollars matched by STCU. Let us treat you to some goodies.

EWU alumni faculty and staff: Come pick up your Eagle 4 Life pin.

twitter: Eagle4Life

Donations not required for treats.

Dear Campus Community:

Congratulations! Together we surpassed our $25,000 matching goal in faculty and staff contributions for EWU student scholarships. Your generosity is inspiring!

Equally inspiring is STCU’s commitment to match your scholarship donations with a gift of $25,000.

In just 36 days, we raised $50,000 in new scholarship dollars. Thank you so much for your financial support of student success. Together, we’re changing lives.



Mary Cullinan, President
Eastern Washington University

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes it is 100 percent tax-deductible and you can use your pay stub for your year-end receipt.

Will the matching dollars be applied to the same scholarship fund(s) I donated to?

What scholarship funds are eligible?
All funds that support student scholarships.

Are funds contributed to the Eagle Athletic Fund matched?
No, Athletic scholarships that are subject to the IRS 80/20 deductibility rules are not eligible for the match. Please contact Laurel at 509.359.6208 for a list of eligible athletic scholarships.

How do I apply for my match?
There is no need to do any paperwork. Just make sure the Foundation knows you are an employee of the university. We will track everything from there.

Who is eligible?
Any current employee of Eastern Washington University.

When is the cutoff date for matching eligibility?
Nov. 10, 2016, or when faculty and staff reach $25,000 total giving – whichever comes first.

When does STCU's matching begin?
Sept. 20, 2016

Does the purchase of an EWU license plate count for the match?
Yes. You will need to provide the Foundation office with a copy of your vehicle registration.

How do I check my current giving?
You can call the Office of Alumni Advancement at 359.4550 to request information regarding your current giving areas and levels at the university.

Do I get credit for STCU's match as well as my gift?
No. Because these matches are being directed to multiple funds per each employee specification, the system is unable to track these matching credits.

Are employee gifts to the Combined Fund eligible?
No. The Combined Fund takes a portion of your donation for the administration of that program. Therefore, 100 percent of your gift does not make it to EWU.

Where can I get a complete list of EWU scholarships that I can donate to?
Call the Office of Alumni Advancement at 509.359.4550.

Is there a minimum dollar amount I can give for the match?

Is there a minimum dollar amount I can designate for payroll deduction?

Inspire Awesome:
The scholarship campaign for EWU students.

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STCU's Challenge
STCU will be matching each scholarship gift from EWU faculty and staff up to $25,000 total.

Match Tracker - $50K Achieved - WE DID IT!

Donor Spotlight

Anna Dvorak (red sweater) at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge with her geographic information systems students.

Anna Dvorak had a zest for travel, outdoor activities, meeting people, teaching, and living life to the fullest.

While she worked at EWU for just two years as an assistant professor of geography/geographic information systems, Anna left a lasting impression with her colleagues and students.

* An administrative fee may apply to your donation.
This fee provides essential operational support for the EWU Foundation. Please visit Foundation Fees Policy for more information.