Dan Waterbly

Dan Waterbly

Dan Waterbly wanted to go to college to be a doctor, but he fainted at the sight of blood. He had to pick a different field. “After taking my first programming class, I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” Dan says.

Despite what he “wanted to do,” Dan’s Eastern story mirrors that of many students who come to campus
with an abundance of hopes, dreams, intelligence, motivation and ambition, but a lack of money.

“When I was a student at EWU,” Dan says, “I had no financial aid and had to work three part-time jobs –
totaling 70 hours per week – on top of going to school, to avoid the burden of a lot of student loans. I
feel like I would have benefited from a scholarship, and I would have had more time to focus on
scholastic achievements.”

Overcoming the obstacles, Dan went on to graduate from Eastern in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in
Computer Information Systems. “EWU is a great university,” Dan says. “I loved nearly all of my computer
science courses and found the instructors to be very helpful and genuinely vested in their students.

“My favorite computer science project at EWU was working on a banking application for Spokane Teachers
Credit Union. I appreciated working with an actual organization and having a team comprised of varied
disciplines. Getting that real-world experience helped me get where I am today; working as a senior
software engineer with a great company in Spokane.”

Dan wants more computer science students to have the same experience at Eastern – without having to
struggle through excessive hours at work or burdensome student loans – so donating to the EWU Computer
Science Alumni Scholarship Endowment is a natural next step for him. “When Computer Science Senior
Lecturer Stu Steiner asked me to contribute to the scholarship endowment, I happily donated,” Dan says.

If you can relate to stories about smart, motivated students who want to enroll in computer science
classes at EWU, only to find cost is an obstacle, you can join Dan today in helping to ensure those
students get the chance to pursue their dreams.

“Together, you and I can build the EWU Computer Science Alumni Scholarship Endowment to award more
scholarships to deserving undergraduate students in computer science or computer information systems,”
Dan says. “There are countless exciting, promising career opportunities for our fellow alumni who have
put in the hours to obtain computer science degrees. Let’s help students get there by donating today to
the EWU Computer Science Alumni Scholarship Endowment.”

To make a gift, visit ewu.edu/giveCS or contact Melanie
Miller at 509.359.6833 or melanie.miller@ewu.edu.



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