Singing your praises

The generosity of supporters like you directly helps students achieve their goals. Scholarship recipient Michael Sinitsa (’16), grew up in a newly immigrated Russian family. He watched his parents work hard and live frugally in order to provide every opportunity for their children. Savoring the rare delicacy of fresh fruit and daily music lessons taught by his mom are among his most vivid childhood memories.

EWU’s Dr. Randy Wagner, director of vocal studies, discovered Michael’s voice talent while Michael was still in high school. He tracked Michael’s development and helped him find scholarships to attend EWU. Yet Michael says when it came time to choose a major, it wasn’t easy. “As a first-generation college student, one of my primary motivations was to achieve financial stability…a music major was going against everything my mind was telling me. I knew music was something at which only a select few have any real chance at achieving major success. So I decided to double major in business marketing and vocal performance.”

Michael credits his mom’s music lessons with instilling in him an “innate desire to seize every chance to learn and grow.” Support like yours offers students like Michael resources and opportunities to earn their EWU college degree and follow their passions. Watch this video to experience Michael’s incredible talent.



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