Board Member Job Description

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The EWU Foundation exists to advance the mission of the University by raising, managing and distributing private, charitable contributions to Eastern Washington University.

The Foundation is guided by a board of directors. These directors provide oversight for the work of fundraising professionals who are employed by the University. The Board determines the goals and objectives of specific fundraising initiatives, sets policy with regard to investments and spending and ensures that proper attention is paid to stewardship of gifts already received.

Board members are elected to serve a three-year term of office. Members can serve two consecutive three-year terms. Members elected to serve as officers will extend their term to allow them to fulfill their duties as an officer.

As the Foundation continues to grow, the role of the members of the board become even more important. The expectations with regard to membership on the Board are as follows:

1. Act as an advocate and ambassador for Eastern Washington University to friends, family, business associates and other constituencies at all times.

2. Provide advice and counsel in an ongoing fashion to the work of the Foundation by attending the meetings of the full board (4 per year). Board members are also encouraged to actively participate in the committee work of the Board. The standing committees of the Board include the Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Finance/Investment Committee, the Audit Committee and the Mini-Grant Committee. Committee meetings are usually held in Spokane, and participation by teleconference is acceptable.

3. Place EWU among your charitable priorities. While this may be a rather subjective distinction, annual gifts of $1,000 or more to the Foundation should be considered a minimum. In addition, as the EWU Foundation looks to a major campaign, Board members should be expected to consider a special commitment in support of campaign initiatives, over and above their annual support.

4. Willingly assist development and University staff with potential donors with whom you have influence, leverage or entre. Whether you participate as an active solicitor, a key part of the cultivation process or as a point of introduction will depend on your individual circumstances.

5. Provide appropriate guidance to Foundation and University personnel with regard to the viability of potential funding initiatives and their relationship to private industry, the community or other constituents.

6. Provide support to Foundation and University efforts by attending University events, especially but not limited to: Athletic events, the annual Benefactors’ Appreciation Dinner, Homecoming activities and other college focused/sponsored events.

Board members should expect to be asked to support ad hoc opportunities (hosting or helping to host receptions, dinners, student recruitment events, etc.) that may support the work of the Foundation or other important aspects of the University. Care will be taken to ration these opportunities appropriately.


*An administrative fee of up to 5% will apply to your donation.
This fee provides essential operational support for the EWU Foundation. Please visit Foundation Fees Policy for more information.