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Community Engagement

Preparing students for the world beyond the classroom involves much more than opening a textbook. At Eastern, student research and creative activities are a vital component of the higher education experience. It’s not just about getting the degree, it is also about giving our graduates the skills and practical training critical to succeed in today’s changing work environment.

STEM Research

The university’s future is closely tied to its ability to grow high demand programs related to STEM – science, technology, engineering and math. This means EWU must recruit high-quality faculty in these fields, and give them an opportunity to work in excellent facilities. To enhance facilities for faculty, Eastern must find the resources to create state-of-the-art laboratories and adequately fund research.

Student/Faculty Shared Research

Eastern’s ability to provide research opportunities at the undergraduate level and support the initiation of research efforts by our faculty is vital to student success. These research activities give students the skills to become more critical thinkers and problem solvers in their respective disciplines. The exposure to research experiences during their undergraduate years results in improved retention, greater skill development and broader job opportunities.



High Speed Jam Session

On Jan. 12, 2013, Eastern’s annual Jazz Dialogue Festival hit a magnificent musical milestone with a cutting-edge concert featuring musicians from around the world performing together, in real time, over a computer network.

  • Alternative Energy Education Demonstration Site
  • Research and Creative Activity
  • Library Collection Endowment
  • STEM Programs
  • Archaeological Research in Cyprus
  • Student Research & Creative Works Symposium
  • Jazz Dialogue Festival


Assistant Professor of History
Jeffers Chertok Endowed Professor

Gerald Claghorn wants to spend his summer break fishing in a small boat, on a quiet lake. But he’s not looking for a summer vacation. Instead, the Eastern Washington University biology major wants to take part in an exciting research opportunity that would allow him to achieve his dream.

“I have been interested in biology ever since seventh grade,” said Claghorn. “With climate change and humans encroaching on natural habitats, it is important to understand the role an organism plays in an ecosystem in order to preserve species.”

“Students like Gerald should have an opportunity to spend the summer doing high-level research,” said Judd Case, dean of the College of Science, Health and Engineering. “If we could pay them a stipend and provide housing, they could focus on research and return to school more insightful, more educated and more critical in their thinking.”

Assistant Professor Georgia Bonny Bazemore is the world’s leading authority on Cypriot languages, and her presence makes EWU a universal center for the study of ancient Cyprus. Bazemore did research for her PhD in Cyprus, where she lived for 20 years doing fieldwork before coming to Eastern in 2003. That background puts her in a unique position and opens up incredible research opportunities for Eastern students.

For the past 10 years, it has become increasingly difficult
to obtain permission to study ruins in Cyprus. Each year, only a few people are allowed into the country to research the treasure trove of ancient relics.

Bazemore took her graduate students to Cyprus in the summer of 2007 to help catalogue thousands of artifacts she previously excavated from an archaeological site. While working under the authority of the Department of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus, Bazemore uncovered 15 sites, some of which date back to 4000 B.C.

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