Areas of Support: Student Success

Student Success

It's about giving chances, changing lives and shaping futures: for the kid who never thought he could afford to go to college, or the one who feared treading into unknown territory. It’s where the playing field is leveled through scholarship opportunities and academic support, so everyone gets the chance to start something big.

Access and Support for Deserving Students

The history of Eastern Washington University is marked by a strong commitment to support students who are the first in their families to attend college and who have demonstrated academic potential to excel. Eastern has been that university in the state of Washington and will continue to encourage the development of these blossoming scholars. Our ability to provide mentoring, tutoring and academic advising to help students achieve their potential makes it possible for dreams to become realities.

Support For Exceptional Students

At Eastern, student success isn't just about making sure the most deserving students have the tools they need to navigate college, it's about providing support for exceptional students as well.

Eastern continues to attract students with outstanding abilities who enter our Honors Program and participate in a number of activities that challenge them academically and professionally. These programs and activities require additional funding by the university and a commitment to excellence from our faculty and staff.



Veterans Resource Center

As part of its goal to ensure it will meet the needs of the
thousands of service men and women returning home from
Iraq and Afghanistan, EWU opened its new Veterans Resource Center in July of 2012.

The center provides critical service and support for our
veterans; active-duty, National Guard and Reserve military personnel, their spouses and dependents. The center will
assist our veterans’ transition back into civilian life as they
learn to navigate the university system.

  • Diversity Studies Program
  • Academic Success Center
  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Athletic Academic Center
  • Veterans Resource Center
  • Honors Program
  • Teacher Scholarships
  • Endowed Chair
  • Annual Scholarships
  • Student Enrichment Fund

Eastern Advantage Scholar

University Honors Program

Alejandra Chavez has a clear vision of what her life would be like if she hadn’t been chosen for an Eastern Advantage Scholarship. “I’d be working at the local movie theater, without a chance of accomplishing my dream of teaching children,” said Chavez.

Chavez, a Yakima native, is one of 250 applicants selected to receive a $1,500 scholarship. The criteria for selection – students must be a high school graduate, a Washington resident and the first in their family to attend college. Preference is given to economically disadvantaged students who pursue degrees in education, engineering, computer science and health sciences.

Chavez holds a 3.9 GPA and developed good study habits while in high school. “I didn’t play sports; instead, I went to the library every day after school and studied,” said Chavez. “I was motivated to have a better life than my parents. My mom has a seventh-grade education. Without the help I’ve received through the Eastern Advantage Program and C.A.M.P. (College Assistance Migrant Program), I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my dreams – to one day have a job that I love, own a home and raise a family.”

The Eastern Washington University Honors Program delivers high-level liberal arts and science learning to students who want to be challenged by the university’s most accomplished faculty scholars.

The Honors Program, and the students it serves, enriches the overall learning environment on campus. Honors scholarships attract top-flight high school graduates and college transfers to Eastern, keeping the quality of the program at a high level. It is one of the key recruiting tools the university has to attract top students.

“The campus environment draws them in initially, and the Honors Program makes us competitive in getting them here,” Honors Program Director Dana Elder said. “We’re getting many of the very best students in the region.”

The Honors Program integrates rigorous liberal arts and science course work into a social model that encourages cooperative thought and competitive academic spirit amongst the honors students. It also incorporates a travel abroad service element, as students in the program have traveled to Guatemala with Peace Corps volunteers.

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