EWU poised for national leadership

[ October 2015 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 ]  President Mary Cullinan presented her State of the University Address Sept. 22, sharing her belief that EWU is poised to be a national leader among regional comprehensive universities.  I believe from first-hand experience working with donors like you, that so much of that potential is due to your loyal and generous support. Thank you for including Eastern in your philanthropic vision! We are thrilled that in its 2015 session, the Washington state legislature reduced tuition for Washington college students, but the cost of a higher education today still puts a university degree out of reach for so many. We need your help as a member of the loyal community of EWU donors, to ensure that your university can continue to make a college degree achievable for every student that wants to transform their life through higher education. Indeed, many … [Read more...]

“A Miracle and a Blessing”

[ October 2015 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 ]  EWU student Michael Sinitsa, (center) pictured with his mother Tanya and family at EWU’s Red Tie Gala in July, considers his path to Eastern “a miracle and a blessing.” His Russian immigrant parents worked hard and lived frugally in order to provide every opportunity for their children. He remembers savoring the rare delicacy of fresh fruit and the daily music lessons taught by his mom. Those lessons helped cultivate, in him the innate desire to seize every chance to learn and grow. Sinitsa brings that passion to his vocal and business studies at EWU thanks to the persistence of EWU’s Randy Wagner, PhD, professor of voice. Sinitsa remembers, “During my high school years, Dr. Wagner served as an adjudicator and heard me sing. His wise remarks and encouragement helped me see a potential future in music and energized me to do my best.” Listen to … [Read more...]

West Side Alumni Sweeten the Deal!

[ October 2015 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 ] Dean Martine Duchatelet recruited her Puget Sound Advisory Board, a complement to CBPA’s Spokane-area version, to help the college engage with Puget Sound area alumni and make business and internship connections for EWU students there. That’s a pretty full agenda, but the West Side board added to their list establishing a scholarship endowment and a full range of activities for “West Side” alumni and new students! Led by the chair of CBPA Dean’s Puget Sound Advisory Board, Matt Minton, ’93 (senior content publishing manager, Microsoft), Randy Wells, ’86 ( CPA and partner, CliftonLarsonAllen, Seattle) and Nick Peyton, ’04 (fundraiser, University of Washington, Arts and Sciences), the board committed to funding a $25,000 scholarship endowment 14 months ago. They believe that working toward a scholarship endowment is a great way for alumni living … [Read more...]

Globalization and Technology Make the World a Market for Eastern Degrees

[ October 2015 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 ] A recent interview with the new CBPA Associate Dean Morris Kalliny, PhD, reveals his passion for student success and his belief that as an American university, Eastern has an obligation to prepare American and international students to make positive change in the world. What is your impression of your new home? That people who live here are convinced that Spokane is a great city! And I believe we do live in a region with very high quality of life! Coming back to the Northwest from St. Louis was very appealing for me having completed my MBA in Idaho. When we first visited, my family felt very welcome here and noticed how people really take time to enjoy their families. My kids who are 13, 10 and 7 picked up on that right away. They asked me after visiting several restaurants, ‘Dad have you noticed?’ ‘Noticed what?’ I asked. ‘There are more people … [Read more...]

Financial Dashboard

[ October 2015 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 ] Freshman Inga Erickson is an athlete who wants to become an athletic trainer or physical therapist. Thanks to the West Side Alumni Scholarship she is on her way at EWU. “I have always been amazed by how athletic trainers or a physical therapist can take an injured person and assist them with the healing process and get back competing as soon as possible. What I like is when a physical therapist is working with a patient they are solely focused on helping them, that's what I want to do for someone someday.” Flanked by her dad and West Side CBPA Randy Wells, Dean’s Puget Sound Advisory Board members, Erickson receives a giant check representing her West Side Alumni Scholarship award at the West Side send off in September. She said in her scholarship application, “My dad is a high school counselor and I understand how much even one scholarship … [Read more...]

Your Philanthropy Launches EWU Engineering Students’ Careers

[ June 2015 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3 ]  Are you an annual or EWU employee payroll donor? If you answered yes, then a portion of your unrestricted giving supports the EWU Foundation’s Start Something Big Grants Program that helps professors innovate and engage students in the real-world application of classroom learning and undergraduate research. Your dollars help fund career-building experiences outside the classroom that propel Eastern graduates into good jobs after graduation. This year, a Start Something Big Grant is helping Martin (Marty) Weiser, PhD, and 20 students capitalize on four years of undergraduate research to compete at the June Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition [IREC] near Green River, Utah. Student projects have encompassed the development and testing of solid rocket propellants, parachute opening dynamics and flexural properties of composite … [Read more...]

Helping Current Students Computes for Computer Science Alumni

[ June 2015 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3 ] “Our job placement rate is 88 percent in major! But many of our most promising students can’t afford to finish,” says Stu Steiner, computer science senior lecturer. Beloved for his teaching style and mentoring talent, Steiner is also famous for engaging computer science alumni in philanthropy. With my family, I am building an endowment to help computer science students get to college. I know how patient, regular giving in modest amounts adds up.” The idea of modest, regular giving is how the EWU Computer Science Alumni Scholarship has taken shape. Steiner remembers, “We knew of one student who was working for Microsoft and one for Nintendo. I asked them, ‘Would you think about helping us start a scholarship by giving $1,000 each and, help write a memorandum of understanding about how students would qualify for a scholarship? We got an unequivocal … [Read more...]

Eastern’s New College of Health Science and Public Health Poised to Improve Regional Health Care

[ June 2015 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3 ]  Retired professor and EWU Foundation endowment donor Dorv Breitenfeldt recently stopped by EWU Foundation offices and shared his excitement about the new College of Health Science and Public Health. “The new college can create a more cohesive learning environment for health sciences students,” observed Breitenfeldt, “building the cross-disciplinary fluency that today’s health care practices need. Professors will find many more ways to collaborate and evolve the value of EWU health sciences degrees.” Retired for 20 years, he is delighted to witness this kind of progress and change. Eastern is on the move, running with exciting new opportunities like the new college of Health Science and Public Health located at EWU’s Riverpoint Campus. Such opportunities are made possible by a strong foundation built on decades of visionary educators like … [Read more...]

Thank You For Your Generous Support that Benefits Grateful Students like Freshman Leah Howard!

[ June 2015 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3 ]  The scholarship endowment is growing in leaps and bounds with new investments by donors like you aided by an improving economy that helps to improve the return on the EWU Foundation investment portfolio. Annual direct scholarship support is expected to reach $1M very soon! Leah Howard graduated from high school last spring, confident in her future, because Eastern was able to provide important financial support that helped her begin her college career. Your gifts help Eastern’s diverse and talented students soar. Thank you!   … [Read more...]

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Will Launch Robotics Engineering Track This Fall

[ June 2015 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3 ] A group of undergraduate students is getting real-world robotics experience thanks to EWU’s mechanical engineering program which launches a formal robotics track next year. With the passion and commitment of Professor Don Richter and internship partners like Pearson Packaging Systems, EWU is uniquely preparing engineering students for jobs that can take them anywhere! Engineering student Jacob Shearer (right) operates a donated industrial robot and conveyor at Eastern’s robotics lab. Pearson Packaging CEO and President, Michael Senske says EWU students are doing “what we do, in terms of getting a robot to pick and place a product …or detect whether or not that product is where it needs to be when it needs to be there.” He adds, “You just don’t get students—especially mechanical engineering students—with that skill set.” Professor Richter says … [Read more...]

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