Faculty Create Fund to Remember Colleague, Support Students

Anna Dvorak (red sweater) at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge with her geographic information systems students. Anna Dvorak had a zest for travel, outdoor activities, meeting people, teaching, and living life to the fullest. While she worked at EWU for just two years as an assistant professor of geography/geographic information systems, Anna left a lasting impression with her colleagues and students. On July 7, 2015, at the age of 28, Anna died in a climbing accident on Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. “We don’t want to let her go,” said Associate Professor of Anthropology Rob Sauders. “We want to keep her around here.” Rob and several colleagues created the Anna K. Dvorak Memorial Fund to honor Anna’s life and her impact on the EWU community and world around her. “When the fund is endowed at $25,000, scholarships will be awarded to help Eastern students travel,” Rob said. “We … [Read more...]

EWU Historians Shape the Future with Student-Centered Philanthropy

[ February 2016 | Vol. 2 | Issue 2 ]  Before he became chair of the History Department, Li Ping Zhu was an infrequent EWU donor. “Once in a while I wrote a check,” he says. But, when Zhu became chair, he began to consider ways to increase the History Department scholarship fund. If their students can accrue less debt during school, they have more time to seek out and land jobs in their field of study after graduation. Zhu knew that history department faculty and staff were already watching out for their students financially. The department maintains a small textbook fund and professors are known to give students a little cash when they observe their protégés struggling with finances. But, the department’s scholarship endowment, which has potential to offer predictable and substantial help to students was stagnant. So, Zhu set out to recruit his colleagues into the EWU donor pool by … [Read more...]

West Side Alumni Sweeten the Deal!

[ October 2015 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 ] Dean Martine Duchatelet recruited her Puget Sound Advisory Board, a complement to CBPA’s Spokane-area version, to help the college engage with Puget Sound area alumni and make business and internship connections for EWU students there. That’s a pretty full agenda, but the West Side board added to their list establishing a scholarship endowment and a full range of activities for “West Side” alumni and new students! Led by the chair of CBPA Dean’s Puget Sound Advisory Board, Matt Minton, ’93 (senior content publishing manager, Microsoft), Randy Wells, ’86 ( CPA and partner, CliftonLarsonAllen, Seattle) and Nick Peyton, ’04 (fundraiser, University of Washington, Arts and Sciences), the board committed to funding a $25,000 scholarship endowment 14 months ago. They believe that working toward a scholarship endowment is a great way for alumni living … [Read more...]

Helping Current Students Computes for Computer Science Alumni

[ June 2015 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3 ] “Our job placement rate is 88 percent in major! But many of our most promising students can’t afford to finish,” says Stu Steiner, computer science senior lecturer. Beloved for his teaching style and mentoring talent, Steiner is also famous for engaging computer science alumni in philanthropy. With my family, I am building an endowment to help computer science students get to college. I know how patient, regular giving in modest amounts adds up.” The idea of modest, regular giving is how the EWU Computer Science Alumni Scholarship has taken shape. Steiner remembers, “We knew of one student who was working for Microsoft and one for Nintendo. I asked them, ‘Would you think about helping us start a scholarship by giving $1,000 each and, help write a memorandum of understanding about how students would qualify for a scholarship? We got an unequivocal … [Read more...]

Generous Band of Brothers Scores Scholarship Touchdown and Runs It In for Student Success!

[Dec. 2014 | Vol. 1 | Issue 2]  Reading the thank you letter from Jamaal Jones, the first Randy Van Turner Memorial Scholarship recipient, Tom Stephens he knew he had to find a way to boost support for Jamaal’s education.  Twenty-six years ago Tom’s daughter received a $1,000 college scholarship from Adolph Coors that rewarded good grades and offered assistance to children of military veterans. He remembers thinking, “Finally, something good for being a vet!” Tom is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, which started raising money in February 2014 for an endowment to honor PKA brother, 1st Lt. Randy Van Turner, who died in Vietnam. The scholarship is aimed at military veterans and fraternity member descendants. The brothers gave so generously they were able to make a $1,000 scholarship right away.  When the fund is the fully endowed, annual awards will be larger. “My biggest … [Read more...]

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Leads $250,000 Fundraising Effort

[ Aug. 2014 | Vol. 1 | Issue 1 ]    A little more than 45 years ago Randy Van Turner helped found the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity while studying for his EWU bachelor’s degree. Later, he lost his life in Vietnam. This winter fraternity brothers and their spouses gathered to remember their brother Randy Van Turner and establish a $250,000 endowment for a two-part student success initiative in partnership with EWU libraries. The endowed Randy Turner Library Scholarship will fund scholarships as early as 2015 and the Pi Kappa Alpha Library Fund will finance digitizing more than a quarter million items from EWU Library collections. These substantial resources—although intellectually valuable and culturally significant—are currently not accessible to EWU students or the general public. The Archives and Special Collections room at the JFK Library will be renamed to recognize … [Read more...]

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