Giving to EWU


This is your opportunity

Students at Eastern Washington University are starting something big, and the generosity of our alumni and friends provides opportunities to help make it happen. For our students. For our region. For the world.

Making a charitable gift to Eastern is an important and personal decision. This page details the various ways your contribution can make an impact.

Start with your dream

When you consider contributing to Eastern, please start thinking of YOUR dream. Where would you like to have the greatest impact? You may designate your gift to any of hundreds of funds that support programs, facilities and services.

Ways to give

Outright gifts: Cash gifts are the most popular and convenient means of support. They have the most immediate impact on the university and students. Funds can be designated as unrestricted (Eastern Fund), or wherever you choose.

Stocks and bonds: Stocks and bonds, or other forms of securities that have appreciated in value, offer our donors tax advantages. Gifted securities are tax-deductible at their market value on the date of the gift, and subject to charitable gift regulations.

Bequests: A gift of cash or property made through a will or living trust leaves a lasting legacy to the designation of your choice. Eastern can be named as a beneficiary of an estate, as the recipient of a stated dollar sum or as a residual beneficiary.

Real estate: Real estate that has appreciated in value can be of great value as a gift to Eastern. Consultation with an EWU advancement officer is recommended.

Matching corporate gifts: Thousands of companies nationwide match their employees’ charitable contributions. Some match retirees’ and spouses’ contributions. Please check with your human resources office to determine if you can double or triple the impact of your contribution. Visit for a list of companies.

Life insurance: Life insurance can provide the opportunity to make a substantial gift. A policy that is no longer required for its original purpose may be transferred to Eastern. New or existing policies naming the university as beneficiary may be used as long-term planned gifts.

Charitable remainder trusts: Charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) are tax-saving alternatives for people who want to make a substantial gift. CRTs are income plans that allow the donor to make a gift to Eastern, while retaining the interest income for his or her lifetime (or term of years), or for the lifetime of a named beneficiary. When the trust ends, the assets remaining pass to the Eastern program of your choice. CRTs are irrevocable.

Charitable gift annuities: Charitable gift annuities, like charitable remainder trusts, are life-income gifts. You transfer assets now, receiving a charitable deduction for a portion of the transfer, and you, or a beneficiary, receive income for the rest of your life, or a fixed period of time.

All gifts to EWU Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Always consult your tax advisor for advice and possible tax benefits.

*An administrative fee of up to 5% will apply to your donation.
This fee provides essential operational support for the EWU Foundation. Please visit Foundation Fees Policy for more information.