Start Something Big Grant Awards


The EWU Foundation Start Something Big (SSB) Program seeks innovative proposals from faculty and staff that will enhance the university and its mission, support the university’s Strategic Plan, provide opportunities for development and research as well as increase student participation. Since 2010 Eastern Washington University Foundation has awarded more than $203,000 in grants to faculty and staff impacting student success.

Projects Supported by Start Something Big Grant Funds

Winter 2016Robin O'Quinn, Laurie Morley & Camille McNeelyBiology/PEHRCurriculum Development for a New Sustainability Major
Winter 2016Tara Haskins & Vince AlecciaEducationCultural Competence & Equity Pedagogy
Winter 2016Sheila WoodwardMusicJohn Lennon Educational Bus Visit to EWU
Winter 2016Jennifer ThomsonGeologyRocky Mountain Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America
Winter 2016Kendra SherrillTheater/FilmThe Best of EWU Film
Winter 2016Kristina PloegerMusicThe Music of Karen P Thomas
Winter 2016Luis MatosBiologySynthesis & Analysis of Pinene in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii…
Winter 2016Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2016 AWP Conference
Fall 2015Teena CarnegieEnglishMadcap Flare & Single Sourcing
Fall 2015Emily MessinaPEHRTherapeutic Recreation Services for the Spokane Isabella House
Fall 2015Eric AbbeyChemistryDevelopment of a New Hydrogen Fuel Carrier
Spring 2015Jeffrey SandersTheater/FilmTwelfth Night with Modern Theater
Spring 2015Susan Ruby PsychologyWISC-V Kit & Manual
Spring 2015Don RichterEngineering & DesignDelta Robot Project
Spring 2015Pete PorterTheater/FilmBest of EWU Film
Spring 2015Yesenia LazaroAcademic SuccessArts Culture and Outdoor Recreational Program
Winter 2015Sheila WoodwardMusicBringing High School Students to Campus for Masterclasses with Featured Artists
Winter 2015William WilliamsPsychologyReactive vs Proactive Aggression in Maltreated Children
Winter 2015Martin WeiserEngineering & DesignIntercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition Team
Winter 2015Melissa HugginsGet Lit!Association of Writers & Writers’ Programs Annual Conference
Winter 2015Lisa BilichDental HygieneIncreasing Success & Retention of DNHY Students
Fall 2014Natalie KuszCreative WritingWriters in the Community
Fall 2014Elisha MirandaTheater & FilmTravel Expenses for Aurora Gerrero
Fall 2014Chadron HazelbakerPEHRChanging Masculinity in Sports
Fall 2014Julia SalernoMusicResidency & Performance with Violinist Sarah Whitney
Fall 2014Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2015 Get Lit! Festival
Fall 2014Yun TianComputer SciencePurchase GPU Cards
Fall 2014Laurie MorleyPEHRAPPLE Conference
Fall 2014Sharon LaingPsychologyHealthcare from Community Health Centers
Fall 2014Camille McNeelyBiologyNutrient Levels in Watersheds
Fall 2014Don RichterEngineering & DesignRobot Conveyor Project
Fall 2014Kyle LarsonEngineering & DesignSAE Baja Vehicle Competition
Spring 2014Chad PritchardGeologyLiDAR Imaging of the Spokane Fault
Spring 2014Don RichterEngineering & DesignFanuc Sensor Interface Project
Spring 2014LaToya Brackett Africana StudiesStudents of Color Symposium
Spring 2014Sheila WoodwardMusicRecruiting Latino Students : Beginning a Mariachi Ensemble
Spring 2014Teena CarnegieEnglishBuilding Collaborations to Reduce e-Waste & Increase Student Experimental Learning
Spring 2014Dr. Imamura & Dr SimmonsComputer ScienceAccelerated Video Launch Pad for Enhanced Musical Interaction 3.0 AVLEMI
Spring 2014Dave DeanInformation TechnologyFaculty & technology Boot Camp
Winter 2014Sheila WoodwardMusicRecruiting First Generation Latino & Hispanic Students through Focused Cultural Events
Winter 2014Mindy Breen & Ginelle HustrulidEngineering & DesignVCD Workshops: Creative Coding
Winter 2014Mindy Breen & Ginell HustrulidEngineering & DesignInside/Outside Gallery
Winter 2014Don RichterEngineering & DesignDelta Robot Project
Winter 2014Michael WaldropMusicSteel Drum Ensemble Equipment
Winter 2014Susan RubyPsychologyInstruments to Maintain in the Martin 141 Testing Library
Winter 2014Julia SalernoMusicJazz & Classical Violinist Stanley Chepatis Workshop
Winter 2014Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2014 Get Lit! Festival
Winter 2014Tara Haskins & Jane LiuEducationSchool Partnership
Winter 2014Andrea Castillo BiologyIdentifying Novel Intracellular Acting Helicobacter pylori proteins
Fall 2013Travis DentonChemistry/Bio ChemThe Fight Against Maple Syrup Urine Disease Optimization of a Gas Chromatography…
Fall 2013Rober t GerlickEngineering & DesignThermal Radiation Laboratory Experiment
Fall 2013Awlad HossainEngineering & DesignPromoting Engineering Challenges & Skills @ EWU through Bridge Bash Competition
Fall 2013Dr. Imamura & Dr. SimmonsComputer ScienceAccelerated Video Launch-Pad for Enhanced Musical Interaction 2.0
Fall 2013Robin O’Quinn & Laurie MorleyBiology/PEHRCommunity Sustainability Outreach: Phase 1
Fall 2013Patrick WintersMusicVisit/Interview College & Band Conductors & Implement Their Successful Techniques @ EWU
Fall 2013Sheila WoodwardMusicRecruiting First Generation Latino & Hispanic Students through Focused Cultural Events
Spring 2013LTC Jason PapeMilitary ServicesCadet Basic Training Program
Spring 2013Jonathan JohnsonEnglishWhat a Poet Call Love Play Script Development
Spring 2013Bayyainah JefferiesAfricana Student EducationEWU-MLK Family Outreach
Spring 2013Molly OrheimRetention SpecialistThe Academic’s Success Center’s Art & Culture Program
Spring 2013Laurie MorleyPEHRGrowing Classroom/Garden Workshop/Training
Spring 2013Molly AyersCommunity EngagementEagle Volunteers Outreach Program
Spring 2013Dana ElderHonors ProgramPhi Kappa Phi Enhancement
Spring 2013Steve SimmonsComputer ScienceAccelerated Video Launch Pad
Spring 2013Michael WaldropMusicWashington Day of Percussion
Spring 2013Robin O’QuinnBiologyScience for Gardners
Spring 2013Sheila WoodwardMusicDistinguished Lecture Series
Winter 2013Barb BrockPEHRNational Happiness Initative
Winter 2013 Awald HossainEngineering & DesignHuman Powered Paper Vehicle
Winter 2013Lynne Feller MarshallMusicBassoonarama 2013
Winter 2013Travis DentonChemistry/Bio ChemResearch Materials & Medicinal Chemistry
Winter 2013 Awald HossainEngineering & DesignPromoting Engineering Challenges & Skills at EWU Through Bridge Bash Competition
Winter 2013Ann O’Kelley WetmoreDental HygieneTracking Critical Thinking Skills on Dental Hygiene Students
Winter 2013Doreen NicholasCommunication DisordersSpeak Out! Eastern Washington
Winter 2013Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2013 AWP Conference Attendance
Fall 2012Sheila WoodwardMusicDistinguished Lecture Series
Fall 2012Julia SalernoMusicString Quartet Performance, Sybarite5
Fall 2012John MarshallMusicGuest Artist for CELLObration
Fall 2012Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2013 Get Lit! Festival
Fall 2012Phil DoyleMusicJazz Dialogues: Music at the Speed of Light
Fall 2012Keith AdolphsonMathematicsTechnology, Tablets and Mathematics
Spring 2012Paul SchimpfComputer ScienceDevelopment of New Embedded Systems Program Course
Spring 2012Stacey ReeceStudent
Spring 2012Bernadette LopezCareer ServicesCreating Business Professionals at EWU Etiquette Luncheon
Spring 2012William LoendorfEngineering & DesignCreating a Robotic Paddle System
Spring 2012Travis DentonChemistry/Bio ChemUndergrad Research in Materials & Medicinal Chemistry
Spring 2012Nick BrownInformation TechnologyAnnual Faculty Teaching & Technology Boot Camp
Winter 2012Hani SaadEngineering & DesignStatics & Strength of Materials Demo
Winter 2012Lisa PoplawskiAlumni AdvancementAlumni Awards Gala
Winter 2012Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2012 AWP Conference Attendance
Fall 2011Karen WanjicoStudent Rights & ResponsibilitiesBuilding “Green Dot” Violence Protection Program
Fall 2011Michael WaldropMusicEWU Hosting NWPF with guest Greg Bissonette
Fall 2011Carol VinesWomen’s Studies CenterWeaving the Threads: Women’s Empowerment Night
Fall 2011Joanna Joyner-MatosBiologyTesting Heat Shock Protein Response in Nematode Worms
Fall 2011Melissa HugginsGet Lit!2012 Get Lit! Festival
Fall 2011Awlad HossainEngineering & DesignAttracting College Students Through HPPV Contest
Fall 2011Travis DentonChemistry/Bio ChemSearch for the Cure of Nicotine & Alcohol Dependence
Spring 2011Michael WaldropMusicSteel Drum Ensemble Equipment Purchase
Spring 2011Michael WaldropMusicRental for Spring 2011 Vibraphone Concert
Spring 2011Dave DeanInformation TechnologyFaculty Teaching & Technology Boot Camp
Spring 2011Andrea CastilloBiologyHelicobacter Pylori Infection: Host Colonization
Spring 2011Helen BerglandUndergraduate StudiesCivics Conference: How Can I Be the Difference?
Winter 2011Bernadette LopezCareer Services2011 Work It! Conference
Winter 2011Awald HossainEngineering & DesignHuman Powered Vehicle Student Contest
Winter 2011William LoendorfEngineering & DesignH2GO The Untapped Energy Source: Build Track for ASME Competition
Winter 2011Don RichterEngineering & DesignParts/Materials to Design Project for Student ASME Competition
Fall 2010Danielle RingwaldGet Lit!2011 Get Lit! Festival
Fall 2010John MarshallMusicRecording of Double Concerto for Bassoon & Cello CD
Fall 2010Travis DentonChemistry/Bio ChemSearch to Cure Alcohol & Nicotine Dependence
Spring 2010Christi WavadaWomen & Gender StudiesGreen Dot Training for EWU Interpersonal Violence Prevention Task Force
Spring 2010Carol TaylorComputer ScienceResearch Exchange between EWU & Iwate Prefectural University – Academic & Cultural Events
Spring 2010Dave DeanInformation Technology3 rd Annual EWU Teaching & Technology Boot Camp
Winter 2010Claudio TalaricoEngineering & DesignSolar Energy Collection using non-conventional Electromagnetic Periodic Passive Structures
Winter 2010Bernadette StruckCareer ServicesBackpack to Briefcase Networking Luncheon
Winter 2010Danielle RingwaldGet Lit!Selected Shorts Event at the 2010 Get Lit! Festival
Winter 2010Martin GarciaChicano EdLEAP Academic Showcase
Winter 2010Andrea CastilloBiologyIdentifying Promoters that regulate Helicobacter Pylori Cytotoxin-Associated Genes
Winter 2010Nick BurgisChemistry/Bio ChemAnalysis of Human ITPase Substrate Specificity by Site-Directed Mutagenesis

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This fee provides essential operational support for the EWU Foundation. Please visit Foundation Fees Policy for more information.