Learning lessons in unexpected places

I was at the gym yesterday, as I am on many days, doing cardio. Loving life and feeling generally pretty good. I happened to look up to the televisions and saw a show on ESPN called “Unbreakable.” It was about young athletes all of the world overcoming hardships. There was a story about young children in India playing cricket on a field that has been contaminated by a pesticide ultimately causing paralysis in the children. There was also a story about an amputee football (soccer here in the US) league for former child soldiers from Liberia. Then there was a story about a high school athlete here in the US who attempted suicide and survived. He spoke in detail about his depression and his overwhelming pressure to accomplish unachievable goals.  He was 16 when he locked his door and jumped out of his 9th story building to the ground below. He says he doesn’t remember the fall or hitting the ground, but he does remember waking up in the hospital with his family surrounding him. Suicide is a topic that faces a great stigma. Only “crazy” people do that. Well no. That’s just not true. A young person (between 15 and 24) attempts suicide every two hours. Quite staggering if you think about it. people who are considering suicide are in great pain, psychache if you will, and may believe that suicide is the only option to stop the pain. They may not want to die, but they don’t want to live with the pain they are feeling. I encourage you to watch this clip on Jordan Burnham. He now speaks to high schools and colleges to educate our youth on depression and suicide. So watch, listen, and learn and every now and again pay attention to things that are playing in the background of your life. You never know where your next lesson will come from.

ESPN E:60 The Jordan Burnham Story

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