Teaching American History


Funded through the U.S. Department of Education, Teaching American History grant program, the Living History Institute is designed to serve as a resource for current and future teachers of American history. The goal of this project is to develop a cadre of regional K-12 history teachers who will have enhanced instruction to increase the interest of their students in American history.

Participants of this program will have attended annual summer courses at Eastern Washington University. Their course work is both method and content based, and includes classroom work and field experiences. Each year has a different theme: local history, regional history, and national history, respectively. Artifacts found under the heading Teaching American History have focused on local history, where as Pathways to History has a more regional approach.

Project Background

Educational Service District 101 proposed a partnership with Eastern Washington University in which the Living History Institute for Teachers would assist in the professional development of rural and urban K-12 teachers throughout eastern Washington, with additional assistance provided by Spokane Public School District. Goals for the project are 1) to increase regional K-12 teachers’ knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of local, regional, and national history, 2) to increase the quality of K-12 history classes and lessons, and 3) to increase capability in Eastern Washington for continued, sustainable improvement in history instruction.

The Institute provides immersion in local, regional, and national history to 8th and 9th grade history teachers from the Inland Northwest. Content rich experiences will include grant-sponsored field trips, primary source research, problem solving, and active learning. IT is the project’s intention to excite current and future teachers and prepare them to provide quality instruction in the History classroom. Artifacts in the form of lesson plans and curriculum materials are available though the links to the left.