Story Outline

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Told Story Outlines

  1. The Battle of Lexington and Concord
    1. The militia hid themselves in Lexington and Concord when they heard the British were coming to collect weapon stores in the area
    2. All American eyes were on Boston to watch what the next British move would be, so although they were being secret with their own officers, the colonists already knew where they were headed.  Paul Revere’s famous ride alerted the countryside of what was about to occur.
    3. The British, lined up, marched into town in typical military style.
    4. They did not see the militia
    5. They did not know how many militia men there were
    6. No one knows who fired the shot at Concord, but 8 colonists were killed and 10 were wounded.  The colonists retreated into the woods.
    7. The British marched to Lexington where the “shot heard round the world” was fired by the more prepared colonists.
    8. The battle ensued
    9. Several British soldiers were wounded, 20% casualties.
  2. The Battle of Yorktown
    1. George Washington and 18,000 troops vs. General Cornwallis and 8,000 British troops.
    2. British supplies were cut off by French and US Navy
    3. General Cornwallis tried to flee when he heard of approaching troops
    4. British troops were unable to cross the river for two days due to high winds blowing them back
    5. General Cornwallis, realizing he was outnumbered and outmaneuvered, had his troops lay down their weapons and surrender to Washington.
  3. The Boston Tea Party
    1. December 17, 1773
    2. Tea Act – Dutch East India Company
    3. Three Ships
    4. Colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians
    5. Middle of the night
    6. Three hours work
    7. Boston citizens tried to carry off the tea dumped overboard for their families
    8. Men in small boats beat the tea in the harbor so that it could not be saved for use.