Graduate Curriculum

Graduate Curriculum

Graduate students in the MFA program at Eastern Washington University are expected to exit the program significantly advanced as writers and scholars in one of three concentration areas: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Required courses fall into one of four categories: form and theory courses, workshops, internships, and thesis work. In form and theory courses, whose structure and content are similar to academic lit courses, analysis of the craft of master writers is emphasized in study and application to student writing. The focus of workshops is student work, and emphasizes the art of the literary critique.

Internships are hands-on application of editing, publishing, teaching, promoting and marketing skills in one or more of our associated programs: Willow Springs, Willow Springs Books, Writers in the Community, and Get Lit!

*2018-2019 MFA candidates: There is a study abroad opportunity in Thailand planned for December 2018 that will focus on "Gender & Sexuality in Asia."

Program Requirements

A. Students should spend 6 quarters in residence.

B. Students should concentrate* in one of the following areas:


*Students, however, are expected to take course work in areas other than the one in which they concentrate. One out-of-genre form and theory class is required, and out-of-genre workshops are encouraged.

C. In consultation with a thesis adviser, each student will compile a list of fifteen books to augment the reading done in course work. A portion of the oral examination, held near the end of each student's term of study, will be devoted to questions about this list and works covered in required form and theory literature courses.

D. Each student must submit a literary thesis of substantial length and publishable quality. The thesis will be reviewed in the oral examination.

* Minimum total credits for Master of Fine Arts Degree--72 Credits

Course Descriptions (CRWR)