Undergraduate Curriculum

English Major with Creative Writing Option


Northwest Boulevard, EWU’s undergraduate literary magazine. One or two MFA candidates per year are chosen to be Graduate Advisors who oversee the production of this student-run magazine.

Our undergraduate Creative Writing program is a studio-based program designed to help students publish their artistic work. It is not intended to prepare a student for a specific career; however, our creative writing graduates, while publishing artistic work, have found diversified careers in editing, publishing, grant writing, teaching, professional schools and many fields less directly related to their writing abilities. Courses in technical communications are complementary to these career interests.

Visit the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences for more information about the Undergraduate program, or see the University Catalog for complete information and requirements.
Contact EWU’s English Department for any questions about the undergraduate program.

Students who are interested in publishing have the opportunity to hold editorial and design positions with the undergraduate literary magazine Northwest BoulevardThis is a student-run publication which is overseen by one or two Graduate Advisors (MFA candidates).

Students in the Creative Writing option are encouraged to register for five or more credits from the following list of General Education Core Requirements:

HUMN 210 Classics in Literature (5)
HUMN 211 Masterpieces of the Western World (5)
History courses appropriate to the student’s area of literary interest.
Note: Two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required.

Pre-Major Requirements (3 Courses)

ENGL 270 Introduction to Fiction (5)
ENGL 271 Introduction to Poetry (5)
Requires a minimum grade of 2.5 in each course and at least a 3.00 average for the two courses together. (See Admission Requirements for remaining requirements for the Common Departmental Pre-Major.)

This program also requires the following pre-major course:
CRWR 210 Introduction to Creative Writing (5)
Students must complete this course with a minimum grade of 3.0.

Department Core (6 Courses)

ENGL 340: Survey of British Literature I (5)
ENGL 341: Survey of British Literature II (5)
ENGL 342: Survey of British Literature III (5)
ENGL 343: Survey of American Literature I (5)
ENGL 344: Survey of American Literature II (5)
ENGL 350 Shakespeare (5)

Required Creative Writing Courses (2 Courses)

CRWR 311 Form and Theory of Fiction (5)
or CRWR 312 Form and Theory of Poetry (5)
or CRWR 313 Form and Theory of Nonfiction (5)
CRWR 491 Creative Writing Senior Thesis (5) (Cannot be taken until completion of CRWR 311 or CRWR 312 and two CRWR 417 workshops.)

Two of the following three Required Workshops (2 Courses)

CRWR 417 Creative Writing Workshop (Poetry) (5)
CRWR 417 Creative Writing Workshop (Fiction) (5)
CRWR 417 Creative Writing Workshop (Nonfiction) (5)

Five additional Creative Writing credits selected from the following

CRWR 311 Form and Theory of Fiction (5)
or CRWR 312 Form and Theory of Poetry (5)
or CRWR 313 Form and Theory of Nonfiction (5)
CRWR 417 Creative Writing Workshop (Fiction, Nonfiction, or Poetry) (5)
CRWR 492 Creative Writing in the Schools (5)
CRWR 495 Willow Springs Internship (1–3) (per quarter)
DESN 360 Publishing for Print and the World Wide Web (4)

Pre-major requirement credits: 15 credits
Department Core credits: 30 credits
Creative writing credits: 25 credits
Total credits for above major: 70 credits