Willow Sprblack-and-white-logoings Books is a small literary press housed in Eastern Washington University’s MFA program in Spokane. The staff of WSB are mostly creative writing MFA students under the direction of poet Christopher Howell. As part of an internship, students gets hands-on experiefront-cover-finalnce with every part of the publishing process, from reading manuscripts to editing, designing, and marketing.

WSB (aka “The Press”) provides students with hands on publishing experience from acquisition to production o promotion. Each year we publish one collection of short fiction, selected from our student run Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, as well as two chapbooks of poetry. Over your two-year MFA experience interns will have the opportunity to acquire new manuscripts, edit, design, and promote up to seven books! We aim to publish high swimminginhongkong_frontcoverforpromo-1-600x900quality, award-winning literary fiction and American Surrealist Poetry, as well as design books that stand out among small and large presses alike
Because the press is entirely student run, interns self-select their own projects, which means interns have the opportunity to tailor the internship to their areas of interest or professional desire. Former Managing Editors have gone on to work for literary magazines such as The Gettysburg Review, and interns have gone on to win awards for their design portfolios.