Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

The development of large-scale data collection in recent years has resulted in a growing gap in the work force as employers struggle to find those with the broad skillset needed to navigate in this environment while developing the narrative of meaning that underlies the data. The Bachelors of Science in Data Analytics concentrates at the undergraduate level on equipping graduates with the hybridization of programming, information systems, applied statistics, management science, data analysis and decision support skills needed by employers.

The BS in Data Analytics is a collaborative program between Eastern Washington University (EWU) and Microsoft’s Professional Program in Data Science. During the senior year, students will take hybrid courses as a cohort that includes curriculum from Microsoft EdX. Students completing this degree will earn both a BS in Data Analytics from EWU and a Professional distinction in Data Science from Microsoft.

Majoring or minoring in an additional discipline is suggested as data science and analytics is used in many fields, such as science, education, medicine, government, and business.

Student Learning Outcomes: Student Learning Outcomes—graduates will be able to:

• think critically when making decisions about data methodology and management.

• use the technical, analytic and modeling skills associated with the data sciences

• communicate effectively both verbally and visually to relevant audiences.

• recognize and address ethical issues related to privacy, intellectual property, and data security.

Note: * Students that take MATH 161 do not take MATH 300. The 4 required credits for MATH 300 are replaced with an additional 4 credit elective.

Prerequisite Courses (14 credits)

ENGL 201 College Composition: Analysis, Research and Documentation (5)

MATH 142 Precalculus II (5) or MATH 161 Calculus I (5) or MATH 200 Finite Mathematics (5)*

MISC 211 Information Technology in Business (4)

Required Courses (40 credits)

MATH 300 Quantitative Skills for Analytics (4)*

DSCI 245 Data Analysis for Business (4)

DSCI 346 Advanced Data Analysis for Business (4)

DSCI 352 Mixed Research Methods, Security & Ethics for Analytics (4)

DSCI 353 Data Management, Cleaning, and Imputation (4)

DSCI 445 Optimization via Management Science (4)

DSCI 450 Data Visualization (4)

MISC 373 Business Database Application (4)

MISC 374 Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Applications (4)

MISC 485 Advanced Database Applications Development (4)

Electives: choose at least two courses from the following (8+ credits)*

DSCI 446 Business Forecasting (4)

DSCI 447 Design of Experiments (4)

DSCI 448 Business Simulation (4)

DSCI 449 Multivariate Data Analysis (4)

MISC 371 Business Applications Program Design (4)

MISC 486 Information Security Management (4)

DSCI 498 or MISC 498 Current Topics in Analytics (4)

Required courses in the senior cohort sequence (16 credits)

DSCI 481 MPP -- Data Science Fundamentals (4)

DSCI 482 MPP -- Core Data Science (4)

DSCI 483 MPP -- Applied Data Science (4)

DSCI 488 Analytics Senior Project (4)

Total credits for above major (78 credits)


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