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Dear TRB Committee ABE80 Members and Friends,This work on homelessness and transportation is unusual, important, and fascinating.  I recommend it to you.  As we know, homelessness is a big issue in transportation, but an often-overlooked one.  The homeless are literally living under bridges and overpasses and on rights-of-way.  There are new numbers of homeless families living in cars as a result of the Great Recessions.  Any ideas for how these colleagues can continue their work and get the word out will be appreciated.

“Here’s the link to a website with our two publications.  They are the first two on the list:  http://www.pdx.edu/cus/project-reports

  1. Homeless Encampments on Public Right-of-Way: A Planning and Best Practices Guide.  Intended for people in the field, this guide presents an overview of the issue, a step-by-step process for analyzing and responding to a camp, advice on developing a statewide strategy for addressing the issue, and appendices with information and links to practical resources.
  2. A Case Study of the Baldock Restoration Project.  An in-depth case study of the humane relocation of people living in a rest area south of Portland, Oregon on I-5. One resident had lived there for 18 years; the school bus stopped regularly to pick up children.  At its smallest (during the winter), more than 100 people spend the night there.  The relocation process involved a collaboration among  ODOT, the Oregon Travel Information Council, public and nonprofit housing/social service agencies, state police and the county district attorney and took approximately three months.  It’s quite a story!”

Andrée Tremoulet, Ph.D.
Research Associate & Adjunct Instructor
Center for Urban Studies—CUS
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751
Ellen Bassette

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-Ed Hall and Kelly Myers,  ABE80 Committee Co-Chairs




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