Washington DTA Degrees & Pre-Requisites

Students who transfer with an approved Washington DTA degree receive automatic junior standing and the following requirements are cleared:  Pre-University Skills, Competencies & Proficiencies, and the General Education Core Requirements.

The above requirements are cleared with the DTA degree; however, individual courses may not have been awarded to satisfy the course requirements.

Pre-requisites may still apply.

For instance, if there is no equivalent course for ENGL201 within the DTA degree (transferable courses) and ENGL201 is a pre-requisite or a required course in the EWU degree program, it is up to the department to determine if the pre-requisite or course is required.  The department will also consider the appropriate action that is necessary for the student – course overrides for registration, exceptions via SOAR for substitutions or program adjustments.

Although the DTA degree clears University and Graduation requirements, students are still responsible for pre-requisites and courses/credits required to complete EWU degree programs (majors, minors, certificates, and endorsements).

This also applies to those who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree.  Requirements have been cleared.  The student may not have the courses required to clear pre-requisites and EWU degree program requirements.

Please check with your academic advisor to ensure you are on track with your degree program.

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