July 7, 2015

Title Checking

SOAR utilizes title checking for course matching within the degree audits and exception processing.

There are quite a few EWU courses that are differentiated by title.  SOAR can use the various titles to appropriately align these courses with the degree audits.  If you ever come across courses that are not applying in SOAR due to the course title not matching; please let me know and I will update SOAR so the appropriate courses are accurately being reflected in the degree audits. 

Unfortunately, on occasion there are limitations.  Courses that are not differentiated by title but instead by the course section number will need to be handled via exception in SOAR.  For instance:  workshops, seminars, topics courses where the title is generic – WORKSHOP IN DEPT.  However, there may be options for handling term specific courses.

For those that enter exceptions in SOAR…course titles must be exactly as listed in SOAR. 

Enter the title in all caps as it appears in SOAR, the title can also be copied and pasted in the Course Title field in the Title Check and Transfer Course Substitution.  All the information you need to enter the exception can be found in SOAR on the Courses Tab – EWU Equivalents or Audit Tab – View EWU Course History.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Thank you for using SOAR!

Catalog Years

Most students have multiple catalog years that cover the different programs they are declared in, including their General Education requirements.

The General Education catalog year is established the first term the student is admitted.  While major and minor catalog years are established the year they are declared.

At times, a student may have only one catalog year that covers General Education requirements as well as their declared major(s) and/or minor(s).  When this occurs the catalog year listed in the Information section of the audit is the only catalog year being monitored in the degree audit.

Any incomplete requirement name followed by a term abbreviation and year is being monitored by the catalog year listed.  The course requirements are based on this catalog.

Below are some examples of requirements that are being monitored by different catalog years:



Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Thank you for using SOAR!

Exception Tips

Are you having any issues entering Exceptions in SOAR?  Just starting to utilize them?

Below are a few tips, when entering Exceptions in SOAR:

All transfer course substitutions use the EWU equivalent or pseudo course

The actual transfer course identity is never used in processing exceptions

  • WA-SFCC    SPCH 210 = UNIVLDV at EWU
  • UNIVLDV is the EWU pseudo course that would be used in the Exception as the Course Taken by Student

Required Course is the EWU course required in the degree program

Exceptions do not clear pre-requisites

Banner terms are used to limit/specify courses by term

  • Entered as a 4 digit year and a 2 digit term
    • Fall = 40, Winter = 10, Spring = 20, Summer = 30
    • Fall 2012 = 201240

Audit Note – display in the degree audit

Memo – provides additional information, can only be seen with the Faculty/Staff view

The SOAR Information site has additional information about Exceptions.

 sites.ewu.edu/soar    Exceptions   http://sites.ewu.edu/soar/exceptions/

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.   Thank you for using SOAR!

Planned Courses

Planned courses in SOAR have recently been updated.

A separate Planned GPA is now displayed in the Planned requirement and as a category graph.

When a degree audit is requested with Planned courses, the blue vertical GPA bar will no longer include Planned courses and will only display the EWU GPA.

If you are unfamiliar with Planned courses in SOAR, check out the SOAR Information site, for instructions on how to enter and use Planned courses in SOAR.  

SOAR – Planned Courses

Or contact me directly and I will be glad to walk you through using Planned courses in SOAR.

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