July 5, 2015

End of the Year

Graduation is Saturday and it is hard to believe another year is about to come to a close.  Hope you all have had a great year!

Just wanted to update everyone on a few things with SOAR…this will be the last weekly SOAR email (well almost last, this year there may be one or two throughout the Summer).

Any information that needs to be conveyed throughout the summer will be posted on the SOAR Information Site at https://sites.ewu.edu/soar/ .  Check the Recent Posts column for what’s new.

SOAR training is always available.  Although I don’t have any formal sessions currently scheduled, if there is interest I will be glad to set something up and let everyone know when sessions will be available.

I am looking forward to incorporating additional functionality to enhance SOAR over the summer.  And if all goes according to plan…SOAR will have a new look when everyone is back in the Fall.

Those of you that will be around this summer….don’t hesitate to contact me.

For those of you that are off campus this Summer…hope you have a great Summer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

Online Transfer Guide

The Online Transfer Guide is continually being updated with new equivalencies and information. 

Both the Effective Term and the Memo columns list additional information about the transfer courses.  Course equivalencies requiring more than one transfer course denote how many courses are required to receive the equivalency.

Additional information is also being incorporated into the Online Transfer Guide for ease in readability and equivalency interpretation.  Online Transfer Guide information is available by clicking on the Transfer Guide Menu above or click http://sites.ewu.edu/soar/transfer-guide/.

More information regarding updates to the Online Transfer Guide coming soon…

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for using SOAR!

Short Programs

Did you know that SOAR is not limited to the degree programs in the University catalog? 

There are already quite a few short programs in SOAR.  Short programs are a degree audit that is specialized for a particular set of courses or requirements.  A few options for short programs are listed below:

  • Subset of a degree program
  • Specific list of requirements that are frequently reviewed
  • Program admission requirements

Below are some of the short programs that are currently in SOAR:

  • COUN RPT EWU – EWU Courses By Department (credit and GPA totals)
  • CMDS PRE – Communication Disorders Pre-Major Check List
  • EDUC200 CHECK, EDUC420 E Check (Elementary), EDUC420 S Check (Secondary) – Prerequisite Checks
  • MIT PRE-REQS – Elementary and Secondary Prerequisite Check
  • NURS APP – Nursing Application
  • SPED 490 CHECK – Special Education Prerequisite Check
  • TEST SCOR – Test Scores
  • TRAN INST – Transfer Courses & Totals By Institution
  • WA 45 – Washington 45:  First Year Transfer List

Are there areas in your department or degree programs where a short program in SOAR could help?  If so, please contact me to discuss the options that are available.  I will be glad to get what you need in SOAR.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

Test Scores

Test Scores are available on all SOAR degree audits.  Scroll to the bottom of the audit, just above the Legend.

All standardized test scores and exams as well as those administered here at EWU (placement exams) are displayed in SOAR.

AP exams are a little different than other standardized test scores and exams.  EWU awards credit, per the University catalog, for exams with a score of 3 or better.  Because credit is awarded; AP exams are displayed in both Test Scores and Transfer Credits in the degree audits.  If AP scores (3 or above) are ever only displayed in Test Scores, the credits have not yet been evaluated and awarded.  Please contact one of the Credential Evaluator’s in Admissions or Records and Registration.

The test scores can still be run as a standalone audit by selecting *TEST SCOR (Run Selected Program) in SOAR.

Additional information regarding SOAR is available at sites.ewu.edu/soar.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!


Have you ever wondered how many SOAR audits are being requested? 

The SOAR Information Site has links that provide some basic information regarding when audits are being requested and by whom.


Additional reports and statistics are being developed and will be posted soon on the SOAR Information Site.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

Audits Reflect New Course Identity

There are quite a few curriculum changes coming Fall 2014, as the curriculum changes so do the degree audits.

SOAR will always reflect the new course subject and/or number.  What is seen in the degree audit is also what the student is actually able to register for.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be incorporating some of the new subjects and course numbers into SOAR, in preparation for Fall Quarter advising and registration.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to have all of the changes in prior to student’s registering.

Remaining curriculum changes, including program requirement changes will be updated in SOAR over the next couple of months as the 2014-2015 curriculum is finalized.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

Estimating GPA with Planned Courses

Did you know that you can estimate the GPA in SOAR by entering Planned courses?

The Planned courses default grade is a P, no GPA affect.  However, you can select a grade to see the planned course calculate into the GPA.

When a degree audit is requested with Planned courses, a separate Planned GPA will be displayed.

Both the EWU GPA and the Planned GPA can be easily viewed in the degree audit – Category Graphs.

Duplicate courses are automatically adjusted in SOAR per the EWU repeat policy, last taken course applies.  Planned courses will be considered the last taken course (defined by the term).

If you are unfamiliar with Planned courses in SOAR, check out the SOAR Information site, for instructions on how to enter and use Planned courses in SOAR.


Or contact me directly and I will be glad to walk you through using Planned courses in SOAR.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

Exceptions Tab & Applied Exceptions Tab

Besides satisfying courses and/or requirements within the degree audit; there are two areas where exceptions are listed in SOAR.

Exceptions Tab (under Manage Student)

  • Faculty/Staff View Only – students do not have access to view the Exceptions Tab
  • All exceptions entered can be viewed
    • Audit Note (this message will appear in the audit)
    • Memo (explanation – does not appear in the audit)
      • the memo information is extremely helpful to those that do not have access to enter exceptions

Applied Exceptions Tab (within the degree audit)

  • Everyone can view the Applied Exceptions Tab in the degree audits, including students
  • Exception codes that are applying in the current degree audit are displayed
    • Memo is the only exception explanation currently listed
  • Additional changes to the Applied Exceptions Tab will occur with the next upgrade to SOAR this summer, which will provide additional information making this feature more user friendly in SOAR

Thank you for using SOAR!

Exception Tips

Are you having any issues entering Exceptions in SOAR?  Just starting to utilize them?

Below are a few tips, when entering Exceptions in SOAR:

  • All transfer course substitutions use the EWU equivalent or pseudo course
    • The actual transfer course identity is never used in processing exceptions
      • WA-SFCC    SPCH 210 = UNIVLDV at EWU
      • UNIVLDV is the EWU pseudo course that would be used in the Exception as the Course Taken by Student
    • Required Course is the EWU course required in the degree program
      • Required course can also be a department pseudo course
  • Exceptions do not clear pre-requisites
  • Banner terms are used to limit/specify courses by term
    • Entered as a 4 digit year and a 2 digit term
      • Fall = 40, Winter = 10, Spring = 20, Summer = 30
      • Fall 2012 = 201240
  • Allow Grade – provides the ability to override a grade requirement in the major, minor or certificate
  • Audit Note – displays in the degree audit
  • Memo – provides additional information, can only be seen with the Faculty/Staff view

The SOAR Information site has additional information about Exceptions.

sites.ewu.edu/soar    Exceptions   http://sites.ewu.edu/soar/exceptions/

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

Washington DTA Degree & Prerequisites

Students who transfer with an approved Washington DTA degree receive automatic junior standing and the following requirements are cleared:  Pre-University Skills, Competencies & Proficiencies, and the General Education Core Requirements.

The above requirements are cleared with the DTA degree; however, individual courses may not have been awarded to satisfy the course requirements.

Prerequisites may still apply.

For instance, if there is no equivalent course for ENGL201 within the DTA degree (transferable courses) and ENGL201 is a prerequisite or a required course in the EWU degree program, it is up to the department to determine if the prerequisite or course is required.  The department will also consider the appropriate action that is necessary for the student – course overrides for registration, exceptions via SOAR for substitutions or program adjustments.

Although the DTA degree clears University and Graduation requirements, students are still responsible for prerequisites and courses/credits required to complete EWU degree programs (majors, minors, certificates, and endorsements).

This also applies to those who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree.  Requirements have been cleared.  The student may not have the courses required to clear prerequisites and EWU degree program requirements.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for using SOAR!

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