End of the Year

Graduation is Saturday and it is hard to believe another year is about to come to a close.  Hope you all have had a great year! Just wanted to update everyone on a few things with SOAR…this will be the last weekly SOAR email (well almost last, this year there may be one or two throughout the Summer). Any information that needs to be conveyed throughout the summer will be … [Read more...]

Online Transfer Guide

The Online Transfer Guide is continually being updated with new equivalencies and information.  Both the Effective Term and the Memo columns list additional information about the transfer courses.  Course equivalencies requiring more than one transfer course denote how many courses are required to receive the equivalency. Additional information is also being incorporated … [Read more...]

Short Programs

Did you know that SOAR is not limited to the degree programs in the University catalog?  There are already quite a few short programs in SOAR.  Short programs are a degree audit that is specialized for a particular set of courses or requirements.  A few options for short programs are listed below: Subset of a degree program Specific list of requirements that are … [Read more...]

Test Scores

Test Scores are available on all SOAR degree audits.  Scroll to the bottom of the audit, just above the Legend. All standardized test scores and exams as well as those administered here at EWU (placement exams) are displayed in SOAR. AP exams are a little different than other standardized test scores and exams.  EWU awards credit, per the University catalog, for exams … [Read more...]


Have you ever wondered how many SOAR audits are being requested?  The SOAR Information Site has links that provide some basic information regarding when audits are being requested and by whom.  http://sites.ewu.edu/soar/soar-usage-statistics/ Additional reports and statistics are being developed and will be posted soon on the SOAR Information Site. Please let me know if … [Read more...]