Audits Reflect New Course Identity

There are quite a few curriculum changes coming Fall 2015, as the curriculum changes so do the degree audits. SOAR will always reflect the new course subject and/or number.  What is seen in the degree audit is also what the student is actually able to register for. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be incorporating some of the new subjects and course numbers into … [Read more...]

EWU Prior Credit

For those students returning to EWU who attended prior to Fall 1987, their credits are on a hard copy transcript.  These courses are not entered into the system individually, but in a block of credit instead. Exceptions are entered to cover the General Education and University requirements, so that it is easy to determine which of these requirements still need to be … [Read more...]

Online Transfer Guide

The Online Transfer Guide is continually being updated with new equivalencies and information. Both the Effective Term and the Memo columns list additional information about the transfer courses.  Course equivalencies requiring more than one transfer course denote how many courses are required to receive the equivalency. Additional information is also being incorporated … [Read more...]

Planned Courses

Planned courses are a great feature in SOAR for both advisors and students.  They allow you to see exactly how a future course will apply in the degree audit and whether or not the course meets any required grade or GPA requirements. A separate Planned GPA is displayed in the Planned requirement and as a category graph. If you are unfamiliar with Planned courses in SOAR, … [Read more...]

Short Programs

Did you know that SOAR is not limited to the degree programs in the University catalog? There are already quite a few short programs in SOAR.  Short programs are a degree audit that is specialized for a particular set of courses or requirements.  A few options for short programs are listed below: Subset of a degree program Specific list of requirements that are … [Read more...]