July 6, 2015

New Look for SOAR in 2012

SOAR has undergone some changes and has a new look.  Tabs and menus are now centrally located under Manage Student. 

New functionality has been added.  All previous functionality remains intact, just in a slightly different location.

Navigating SOAR is still as easy as it was before.  Click on Manage Student to access the new tabs and menus.


SOAR vs. EagleNET (Transfer Courses)

Did you know you are only seeing part of the transfer course information in EagleNET?

Transfer courses are processed in SOAR and therefore, SOAR has all of the transfer course information.

  • Transfer Course Information
    • Term the transfer course was taken
    • EWU equivalent or Pseudo course
    • Credit
    • Grade
    • Transfer course title
    • Institution abbreviation – begins with a 2 character state abbreviation or INTL for International
    • Original transfer course identity (subject/prefix and number)

All transfer courses are assigned an EWU equivalent or EWU Pseudo course through the Transfer Articulation process.

Only the EWU equivalent or Pseudo course information is posted to the Student Information System (Banner), this is what can be seen in EagleNET on the unofficial transcript.

SOAR provides multiple ways to view transfer courses:

  • SOAR Audit
    • Throughout the audit as transfer courses are used to satisfy requirements
    • Towards the bottom of the audit:  
      • Transfer Work – Has Been Accepted From These Institutions
        • All transferable courses are listed by Institution
      • Non transferable courses are listed under – Pre University & Non Transferable Courses
  • Courses Tab
    • EWU Equivalents
      • Transfer courses are displayed by the EWU equivalent or Pseudo course
      • Credits and grades have been converted to EWU quarter credits and EWU decimal grades
    • Transfer Courses
      • Transfer courses are displayed as they appeared on the official transcripts
        • Original course identity, credit, and grades
    • Transfer Evaluations
      • Original transfer course identity and EWU equivalent or Pseudo course are displayed together
        • Arrow – transfer course identity, credit, and grade
        • Target – EWU equivalent or Pseudo course, converted EWU credits and EWU decimal grades
      • Courses are displayed by institution

Exception vs. Equivalency

Exceptions are entered individually for each student in SOAR; they alter the degree audit only and have no bearing on prerequisites as the information is not passed to Banner.

Equivalencies are good for all students and are programmed into SOAR via Transfer Articulation processing.  These courses are posted into Banner and therefore are available for use in prerequisite checking.

Equivalencies for department courses are easily established with the approval of the department chair/program director.  Send an email to jharner@ewu.edu with the institution name, transfer course, and the EWU equivalent course.  Most of this information can also be copied and pasted directly from the SOAR audit (just add the institution name, EWU course, student name & ID).

View the full email SOAR – Exception vs Equivalency.

Are your students declared in everything they are pursuing?

It has been a common practice to wait until applying for graduation to add or correct the programs the student is pursuing, via the paper graduation application.  Now that SOAR can help you monitor a student’s progress, it is important that SOAR is updated with all the necessary  information.  This includes all majors, concentrations, minors, certificates, and endorsements the student is pursuing.

Run Current Programs is the default in SOAR when requesting an audit.  The declared programs and catalog years are listed.

Current declared programs are also listed under the Manage Student link – Degree Programs Tab in SOAR.

Please make sure SOAR has the correct information.  Some programs have limitations on the courses used between majors, minors, and certificates (including multiple majors and dual degrees).  SOAR will monitor these courses to help make sure courses are applied correctly and follow all of the curriculum rules and limitations.

Submit a new Major Declaration Form to update the student record so that SOAR reflects what the student is pursuing.

Transfer Guide – Updated with New Memos

The Online Transfer Guide has been updated with new memos.  The memo column lists additional information about the transfer courses.

Course equivalencies requiring more than one transfer course now denote how many courses are required to receive the equivalency.

Additional information is also being incorporated into the Online Transfer Guide for ease in readability and equivalency interpretation.

Online Transfer Guide information is available by clicking on the Transfer Guide Menu above or click http://sites.ewu.edu/soar/transfer-guide/.

More information regarding updates to the Online Transfer Guide coming soon…

2011-2012 Curriculum Updated

The 2011-2012 curriculum changes in SOAR are completed.

New SOAR Resource Available


Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out the new resource site for SOAR.

I hope you find the site informational and helpful when navigating SOAR.

Additional content will be added over the next couple of weeks in preparation of the new academic year.

Thank you for using SOAR.



Julie Harner

SOAR:  Student Online Academic Review

EWU Degree Audit & Transfer Articulation

Eastern Washington University

509.359.6402     jharner@ewu.edu

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