Course Titles (EWU)

The following courses are matched in SOAR by the course title. 

In order for the course to apply, specific words/abbreviations must be listed in the course title.

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ART 450:  Workshop in Art

  • Alt Media, Ceramics, Comp Graph, Digital Art, Drawing, Painting, Photo, Printmaking, Sculpture

CDST439:  Topics in Children’s Studies – Exam Equity in Child Programs

  • Exam Equity

CRIM307:  Special Topics in Criminal Justice – Ethics in Criminal Justice

  • Ethics Crim

CRWR417:  Creative Writing Workshop

  • Fiction, Non Fiction, Poetry

ENGL490:  Senior Capstone

  • Teaching English in Secondary School
    • Teach Eng Sch
  • Literature at the Crossroads: Literary Studies in the New Millennium
    • Lit Crossroad
  • Issues in Technical Communication
    • Tech Com

FILM470:  Film Criticism

  • Film Criticism (Topic 1), Film Criticism (Topic 2)

GEOL490:  Senior Capstone

  • Field Camp
    • Field Camp
  • Water and the West
    • Water

HIST300:  Special Topics in History – Origins of Religion

  • Origins Religion

HSAD496: Experimental Courses – Health Care Research Design and Methods

  • Health Care Research

PHIL398:  Seminars on Selected Topics – Chinese Philosophy and Culture

  • Chin Phil Cult

PLAN496:  Experimental Courses – Introduction to GIS

  • Intro GIS