June 30, 2015

SOAR Degree Audits

Student Search (Faculty / Staff Only)                       Request an Audit / New Audit

De Constructed Audit:  step-by-step- walk through of what builds a degree audit

SOAR – Undeclared Audit: Displays university requirements (general education and graduation)


Sample Audits:

COUN EWU – Counseling Report:  Displays all EWU courses by department subject

TEST SCOR – Test Scores:  Displays all test scores listed in the Student Information System

TRAN INST – Transfer Courses & Totals by Institution:  Displays transfer courses by Institution



Academic Forgiveness

Credit Adjustments

DEGREES – Displays general education requirements cleared with an approved/earned degree


ICAO Policy

Printable Audit (PDF)

Repeats – EWU, Transfer, and EWU/Transfer

UNAVAILABLE – There is an issue with the declared degree programs.  Click View Audit for details and contact information.

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