Multiple Articulations

Combine courses to meet equivalencies and satisfy degree audit requirements.

SOAR easily processes all multiple articulations: many to many, many to one, and one to many.

The multiple articulation process creates a new identity for the courses. Once courses are combined they remain combined and can be seen throughout the degree audit.

These courses have combined or weighted credits and composite grades.  In most cases, the title will also display “++” noting that there is more than one course.  Course titles that are defined will not display the “++”, an example of a defined course title is BIOLOGY LECTURE & LAB.

Some of the most common multiple articulations are lecture and lab courses.  For example, BIOL 171 – Biology I and BIOL 270 – Biological Investigation (lab) do not individually apply to the General Education Core Requirements (GECR).  However, when the lecture and lab are combined the multiple articulation course will satisfy one of the Natural Science courses in Biology.

  • BIOL171 and BIOL270 become BIOL171,270
  • BIOL171,270 is applied in the degree audit and matches the BIOL171 and BIOL270 requirements

To see examples of how multiple articulations are displayed in the degree audits, click the links below:

Multiple Articulations (Degree Audit)

Multiple Articulations (Equivalencies)