Transfer Guide

The EWU Transfer Guide is a tool to help students and EWU faculty/advisors identify course equivalencies.

Equivalencies are managed in SOAR.  SOAR provides a comprehensive transfer articulation system, including more than:  6,300 transfer institutions and 84,000 equivalencies.

Equivalencies displayed in the EWU Transfer Guide are accessed directly from the SOAR transfer articulation processing tables; table additions and changes are reflected immediately in the EWU Transfer Guide.

Student record updates are processed by Credential Evaluator’s in Admissions or Records and Registration.

  • Admissions – New Students
  • Records and Registration – Current Students


EWU Transfer Guide (Navigation)

There are three ways to search course equivalencies:

  • Specific Course
    • Select Transfer Institution or EWU Course
      • All courses that match the course subject will be displayed
      • Partial matches will also display – ENG will display ENG, ENGL, ENGR
  • General Education Equivalents by Category
    • All EWU equivalents and EWU pseudo courses that match the category will display
  • Course Equivalents by Subject
    • Only courses that have equivalents to the EWU subject will display


Click EWU Transfer Guide to access the transfer guide.

The EWU Transfer Guide displays equivalency information in 4 columns:

  • Transfer Course
    • Subject (prefix) and course (number)
  • Eastern Course
    • EWU equivalent or pseudo course and EWU course title
  • Effective Terms
    • Date range of equivalency
  • Memo (provides additional information – some of the most common are listed below)
    • All 3 Required
    • Both Courses Required
    • CCN now and CCN was
      • Transfer course identity prior to and after Washington Common Course Numbering (CCN)
    • CRSE CHG (course change)
    • Lecture & Lab Required
      • Multiple lecture and lab courses may be listed, must have completed one lecture and lab course
    • Requires 1 Course
    • Requires 2 Courses
    • Requires 3 Courses
    • Same As (cross listed courses)
    • Through
      • Course range, EWU equivalent applies to all courses in the range, only one course is required to receive the equivalency

Interpreting the EWU Transfer Guide – click to view sample equivalencies